In 1997, my daughter Carla needed to earn

$200 to replace a lost retainer. She wanted to sell Avon, but was only 14, so I agreed to become the Representative and Carla agreed to do the work. I had no intention of selling Avon until I heard the words “Avon Fundraiser.�

My church was raising money for a girl with no insurance who needed heart surgery. I put together an Avon Fundraiser and we earned more than $600 in two weeks. I was addicted.

When our family relocated, my District Sales Manager suggested Leadership. She said I could recruit a few Customers to take over my sales business and then earn bonuses off their sales. My first Leadership Bonus was

$1.16! I figured that if I could recruit 100 people, my bonuses would increase. Today I have 950 members in my Downline.







I would make

$100,000+ a year,* I would have said they were crazy!�

—Rhonda Voss


“Five years ago, I had a degree in early childhood education and the student loans to prove it. I was teaching, but

I needed more money. Of course, my mom suggested Avon. I started in Leadership and was building a nice part-time business…and then I got laid off.

Could I make full-time money with Avon? My mom thought so. She took me to a Leadership Conference in Las Vegas.

When I saw Barb Avery and her husband onstage, I was inspired. I went to work and by the time my unemployment ran out, I had replaced my teacher’s salary.






strong and



four times





—Carla Lytle




Rhonda says…

“Carla and I talk about our Downline like they’re

part of the family. We try to build a supportive culture.

The more we cooperate, the more we foster a spirit of cooperation, the better off we are.

“For me, the joy is in the journey. Satisfaction comes from improving myself and then finding others—

like my daughter—whom I can coach to success.

“You can’t grow your team any bigger than you are.

You have to believe in yourself and have a vision of what you can become.�

Carla says…

“Start your business with the intention of not stopping until you achieve. The one thing all SEULs have in common is that they never gave up.

“Find a mentor you can duplicate. I call my mom my ‘Success GPS.’ When you know where you are going, you can accomplish anything.

“I make videos for my Downline and post them on Facebook and YouTube. When I went on the PRPC cruise to Alaska, I shared the experience with my team by posting a video from every port.�


To use this story as a recruiting tool, go to the log-in page of, click “Avon Achieversâ€� and print a PDF.    *Your individual earnings may   vary.